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VALORANT Cinematic Shows off Yoru


A new VALORANT Cinematic dropped overnight and continued the story on the newest map Icebox. It still had Jett and Phoenix facing off, which is worth noting, but it also included Cypher, Viper and Agent 14, known as Yoru. His abilities were in full display making it seem like the leak was very accurate. Take a look at RETAKE the newest VALORANT cinematic showing off its newest agent, Yoru.

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In a video that was released in the early morning on January 9, Yoru was finally confirmed. It seems nearly certain now that he is from Japan. This did come as a surprise considering VALORANT is about to have their own live stream on Monday, January 11. Instead, they decided to reveal their newest agent, agent 14 to be exact, a few days ahead of it. It is possible they did this because of the leak and felt that it was better to get him out sooner rather than later.

That said, it could also be that they are planning on releasing or revealing more agents like agent 15, who is unknown at this time. Riot Games does not shy away from adding content to their game, especially during big events. The League of Legends live stream showed this when they revealed a character that many had been asking for, for a while but then they also teased the next three champions/character that would be added to their game.

Fans will just have to wait and see until Monday. Until then they get this great trailer that shows one side saving the day just in time. Hence the name RETAKE.

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