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VALORANT Champions 2021 Skins Leaked?

VALORANT Champions 2021 Skins

VALORANT Champions 2021 is coming up very soon and with it, Riot Games are ready to push it as much as possible. The first-ever VALORANT Champions theme came out in “Die For You” and now it seems the exclusive skins that have been getting teased are next. In a potential leak, the VALORANT Champions 2021 Skins have been revealed and they are looking great. Here is a look at the potentially leaks VALORANT Champions 2021 skins.

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The known VALORANT leakers, @ValorLeaks was the first one to put these skins out there on Twitter. Their Tweet is listed below.

VALORANT has been releasing new skins nearly ever other week for most of 2021. They have ranged from working with their sister game in League of Legends to having a more tactical modern feel. These gun skins and bundles have clearly been doing well considering the rate that skins are coming out. That is why it should not be a surprise that VALORANT are releasing exclusive skins for their biggest esports event of the year in Champions 2021.

VALORANT Champions is supposed to have a similar feel to it as League of Legends Worlds. It takes the best teams from around the world, generally a few representatives from each region, and pits them against one another. This has been a very successful system for Riot Games and their esports and now for the first time ever, VALORANT is having the same thing.

Here are the weapons getting new skins:

VALORANT Champions 2021 Vandal

VALORANT Champions 2021 Melee/Karambit

According to the leaks, this bundle will cost a pretty penny of 6264 VP.

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