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Valorant Beta Drops Offical Streamer List

The day has come at last. The embargo has been lifted and the footage from last weekend’s Valorant retreat is here. That weekend saw a large number of notable gaming personalities and professional players invited to test out Riot Games first ever FPS. To say the initial reactions were positive would be a gross understatement. Streamers such as Kephrii, timthetatman, and Nadeshot all left the weekend extremely excited about the future for this new release.

The real question is how can people get access to the closed beta that will launch on April 7th? To do this all you have to do is connect your Riot account with Twitch, and watch Valorant Streams and be ready for key drops.

The fine people at Liquipedia have put together a handy little list of the 281 streamers who fans can tune into to try and get a key:


Be sure to watch and for the chance to be one of the lucky few who gain access.

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