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VALORANT Announces the FaZe Clan Invitational

VALORANT FaZe Clan Invitational

After the action-packed PAX Arena Invitational, the next event in the Ignition Series is right around the corner. On Tuesday July 28, FaZe Clan and Riot Games announced the FaZe Clan Invitational. This latest entry into the Ignition series boasts a hefty $50,0000 grand prize.

This tournament is the second North American tournament co-hosted by a major esports organization and Nerd St. Gamers. Audiences can expect to see plenty of familiar faces like T1, TSM, and Cloud 9. The Sentinels will take this opportunity to distance themselves from the rest of the North American teams, and make a case for the best team in the region. The last few spots in the sixteen team tournament will be decided by the Open Qualifiers a weekend before.

Despite hosting the tournament, the FaZe Clan roster remains a mystery. The team has recently announced the addition of two new players, but two crucial spots are empty. Teams have made it a habit to treat most tournaments as tryouts, and there are certainly still some teams ironing out their rosters. However there is speculation about the last two members being former Overwatch pros. Still, there is time for things to change before August 6.

In previous invitationals, several streamer-based teams got an invite to fill the last few spots in the group stage. As more organizations sign players and fill out rosters, there may not be enough room for these patchwork squads to compete. It is tough to pass up on having Tyler “Ninja” Blevins perform in a tournament to draw in viewers, but his performance at the PAX Arena Invitational left plenty of viewers scratching their heads. Despite his team’s early exit, they just may find themselves invited once again.

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