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VALORANT Announces Newest Agent Killjoy

VALORANT Agent Killjoy

On Wednesday June 29, Riot announced their latest entry into the VALORANT character list. Killjoy will become the second agent to join VALORANT since it’s initial release.

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Shortly after players found the cardboard cutout of the agent inside the map Split, Riot showcased Killjoy with a short trailer.

Killjoy is a tech-genius in the VALORANT landscape, and utilizes various robots to control the battlefield. Accompanied by her Alarm Bot and Sentry Turret, Killjoy appears to be an excellent defensive option. While players are a bit worried about a “builder” type of character, it looks as though the abilities act as more of a nuisance.

VALORANT Agent Killjoy
Courtesy of Riot Games

Killjoy will be the agent joining the battle when VALORANT moves to Act II of its “Episode” structure in early August.

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games

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