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VALORANT Agent Fade Partially Revealed


The leaks for the new VALORANT Agent Fade continue to pile in. This time, fans are able to get a partial look at her as the reveal video looms. With constant teasers and Sova likely being the last one, Fade should be revealed soon. Here is a look at what has been shown for VALORANT Agent Fade so far.

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VALORANT Fade Officially Revealed

VALORANT Fade Abilities


Here is the Tweet from VALORANT Updated.

With these leaks, it is basically confirmed that Fade will be revealed here in the next day or two. More likely it will be in the next few hours after this article. The reasoning being that with VALORANT leaks, they get more specific as the time for the reveal gets closer. This has happened with nearly every agent release to date.

Fade seems a bit different than the rest of the agents outside of maybe Omen. She will likely be bringing the fear aspect of the game if her official teasers prove anything. Also if her leaked abilities prove anything, then she will be a menace on the battlefield.

While things can and do change, Riot Games and the VALORANT Dev team normally let their fans know ahead of time. If there is a major change such as an Agent being pushed back, they would have said something by now. Along with this leak, the leaks have been streaming out which normally only happen a few days ahead of the release as discussed above. One can conclude that VALORANT Fade is on the way, and likely very soon.

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