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VALORANT Agent BountyHunter Codename Potentially Leaked?

VALORANT Agent BountyHunter

VALORANT took an act off from releasing new agents. The reason the dev team gave was that they wanted to focus on balancing and fixing the game over adding something new. This meant that for the third episode in a row, fans were not given a new agent in every act. For the end of VALORANT Episode 4 Act III fans will likely be getting a new agent. Could that be VALORANT Agent BountyHunter? Here is why this may be the case.

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Back when KAYO was being released there were two codenames that were leaked. They were Grenadier and BountyHunter. It turned out that KAYO was Grenadier instead of BountyHunter. Many had logged VALROANT Agent BountyHunter away but the same person that leaked these names nearly a year ago is back at it again.

On Twitter, @ValorLeaks potentially leaked the codename of the next agent as seen below.

No this is not a repost from before, this seems to show that VALORANT Agent BountyHunter was really a codename for an agent and will finally be released after being teased so long ago.

What this means for the game and what more information is known on this agent is well, completely unknown. Considering this is a leak from a known leak account, fans should not take this as a sure thing. That being said, ValorLeaks is normally pretty on it when it comes to leaking VALORANT content. The only one they were off majorly on was BountyHunter but now it seems as though they may have just jumped the gun instead of completely missing.

Either way, the new VALORANT Act will be coming in about a month and with that will be new information on the Agent and probably a new map as well. To stay up to date keep it here at the The Game Haus.

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