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VALORANT Agent 16 Potentially Leaked


Astra has been a very interesting addition to VALORANT as she brings the cosmos to the game. Now fans are starting to wonder, when will agent 16 come out or have any information revealed. Luckily for those fans, the leaks appear to be coming. There is new information about the codename for the next agent according to the VALORANT Leaks Twitter account. Here is the latest on the new VALORANT agent.

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As always, this is not something that is confirmed. That said, the Valorant Leaks Twitter account generally has reliable information. This one apparently came from one of their sources on Discord. Normally they will leak skins, maps and new agents anywhere between a few days and a few hours before they come out.

It is very unlikely that the new agent is coming soon as the newest act only launched a few weeks ago. Most likely they will start revealing this new agent in the next two or three weeks. Then when it is closer to the start of Episode 3, fans will finally get a real look at agent 16.

This latest act was the first one since release that a new agent did not come with it. Instead, only the newest map, Breeze, was added. While this is worth noting it makes one wonder if there is the chance that there will be two agents coming at the beginning of Episode 3? It is something else that seems unlikely but wouldn’t be out of the question for the VALORANT team. They have clearly wanted to be like their League of Legends counterpart and continue to bring out as much content as they can.

It will be interesting to see if this information is true and if so, when fans may get a glimpse at the next agent.

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