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Sprinter Release Date for VALORANT

Sprinter Release Date

VALORANT continues to push out great new agents that add something new to the game but also to the expanding lore of the game. Sprinter, also known as Neon has been teased for months now and with the new year, it is safe to say that VALORANT fans are chomping at the bit to get him. Now the question becomes, what is the Sprinter release date?

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Sprinter will be joining VALORANT as the eighteenth agent. Neon has been revealed but their name has not been confirmed and the codename Sprinter would likely end up not being the name of the newest agent.

From what has been shown about Sprinter one can assume that the agent will fall somewhere in one of two classes. Either an Initiator or Duelist due to the codename and dash that Neon may have. Once a confirmation comes, this will be updated to reflect that.

As Episode 4 Act 1 of VALORANT begins, Sprinter comes after Chamber came with Episode 3 Act 3. This shows that VALORANT may be getting back on schedule with their agent releases with each Act.

There are reports that Neon will be coming very soon with the VALORANT team confirming that fans would at least get a new look at Neon soon. This means the Sprinter release date while not being revealed yet should be sometime between January 12 and January 19 with VALORANT Patch 4.0.

Neon has not been confirmed as the name of the agent and has not been confirmed as to when they are coming out. That said it would be surprising to see Neon come out later than the first patch of 2022. It will be interesting once Neon is likely confirmed to see what their abilities are.

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