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Riot Games’ New FPS may be Called “Valorant”


The FPS that has previously gone under codename Project A may finally be getting more of an identity. Earlier today, fan accounts across Twitter noticed that Riot Games had recently filed for trademark rights for the name “Valorant” which included rights to website URLs like “”, “” and “”

While it isn’t confirmed that this will be the name of Project A, all signs are currently leading to that end. It is the game Riot seems currently most focused on releasing and getting more information out about and there have been rumors that more of an announcement is coming on March 2. This trademark, so close to that suspected announcement date… It’s no wonder the community is already chomping at the bit for more.

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Where can I learn more?

As of right now, there are dormant Twitter and Twitch accounts that are themed the same way for Valorant. But, other than these two things, it appears that nothing official has been posted thus far. The best way to stay in the though, at this point, is simply through articles like this one and several dedicated fan accounts on Twitter.

The Game Haus will continue to provide updates on the releasecost and other details associated with the new Riot Games FPS. Valorant, Project A or whatever else it may be called, is looking more and more like it may be the next big thing.



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