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Riot Games Announces VALORANT Mobile

Riot Games VALORANT Mobile

In their path to completely taking over the tactital-shooter genre, Riot is taking the next step to reach more players than ever before. On Wednesday June 6, Riot Games announced its plans to move VALORANT to mobile devices in the near future. VALORANT already boasts an average of more than 14 million players on PC. VALORANT Mobile aims to give even more players a chance to get into the battle around the world.

Riot Games VALORANT Mobile
Courtesy of Colin Young-Wolf and Riot Games

The exciting news comes off the heels of Masters Reykjavik, the first international VALORANT tournament. Over 1.7 million fans tuned in to watch the North American Sentinels square off against the European FNATIC roster. With Sentinels coming out on top, they became the first team to qualify for the year-end World Final.

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VALORANT Mobile will certainly look to bring this type of excitement to more players across the globe. While Riot has not confirmed a planned release date for the new version of VALORANT, players can expect a slow roll out through different regions in a similar way to Wild Rift. It is unclear how much VALORANT Mobile will differ from it’s PC counterpart. Wild Rift looked to make League of Legends games faster, and VALORANT  Mobile could potentially move towards the same direction.

As VALORANT continues to expand, VALORANT Mobile looks to see an equally explosive first year when it is eventually released to the public. For now, players will have to wait for more news and updates from the VALORANT team as to when they can get their hands on Riot’s tactical shooter for their phone.

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