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Riot Announces the VALORANT Ignition Series

Early in the morning on June 16, Riot announced their plan for VALORANT tournaments called the “Ignition Series”. The Ignition Series is a partnership program that will showcase select events each week. By working with over 20 different organizations, Riot looks to build up the competitive scene with the help of some of the most dedicated names in esports.

The Ignition Series will include a variety of different tournaments, like show matches, invitationals, and open qualifiers. Riot will help promote these events by using their various channels – like the VALORANT home screen and its very own dedicated web page. To kick off the new program, VALORANT will be partnering with G2 Esports and Rage Esports to host the first of the Ignition Series tournaments.

VALORANT Ignition Series Announcement
Courtesy of Riot Games

Riot noted their goal for these tournaments is to build the competitive scene naturally. By allowing certain organizations to run their tournaments a certain way, fans and players will get the chance to experience a wide variety of different experiences. The Ignition Series will be an important step towards creating a stable esports environment for the new FPS.

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