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Riot announces Game Changers Championship Berlin

Game Changers Berlin

Riot has announced VCT Game Changers Championship in Berlin, the first-ever Game Changers international LAN. Eight teams around the world will compete for the title of the first VALORANT Game Changers World Champion. Game Changers Berlin will take place from November 15-20, with teams playing through a double-elimination bracket similar to the VCT.

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Regional strength, competitiveness and player population decide the number of slots in each region. North America and EMEA receive two slots, while Brazil, Latin America, East Asia and APAC receive one slot. Qualification is based on Circuit Points through tournaments such as the Series in North America, or the Qualifiers in Brazil.

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North America’s Cloud9 White has won every iteration of Game Changers since its inception, not dropping a single map in 2022’s Series 1. Cloud9 White’s dominance can be attributed to their longstanding development, having retained their core roster ever since its 2020 inception. The newest signing of Reid “x0tek” Johnson will continue to strengthen the North American powerhouse.

Similarly, G2 Gozen won a perfect tournament in EMEA’s Series 2, marking their third consecutive win over rivals Guild X. Although G2 Gozen’s stood at the top of EMEA, the retirement of Zainab “zAAz” Turkie leaves a question mark on the future of the team’s dominance. Maryam “Mary” Maher serves to replace zAAz’s spot on G2 Gozen.

Team Liquid Brazil continues their own regional dominance, having won all four qualifiers in 2022. Qualifiers one and four were perfect undefeated runs, while qualifiers two and three only had one single map loss, cementing Team Liquid Brazil’s position at the top of Game Changers for their region.

Alter Ego Celeste in APAC has won all four 2022 Open Series, maintaining a perfect record in Game Changers. In Latin America South, KRÜ Fem has won most recently the Kotex Torneo Femnino, and have been undefeated ever since their inception.

Game Changers Berlin offers a unique opportunity for women in esports, with their own league of competition. November 15 will mark the highest level of international competition for Game Changers as a whole. Riot’s announcement has not yet specified the venue of the tournament or if there will be a live audience allowed.

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