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Raze Receives Nerf in VALORANT’s First Closed Beta Patch Notes

The VALORANT closed-beta run is in full swing, and players have been finding plenty of bugs and oddities inside Riot’s new FPS. On Tuesday, April 21st, the developers have reached out to the public in VALORANT’s first round of patches. The initial patch notes discuss game play changes, characters tweaks, and some needed bug-fixes.

Character Changes


So far in the beta, players cannot agree on how to handle Raze. Her high-damage kit has produced several problems for both rookies and FPS veterans across the board. With these changes, players can now relax knowing only one grenade will be covering tight corridors at a time. The addition of a ability reset also rewards smart players, and prevents players from spamming grenades without a plan. The changes to the audio cues should help teammates react in time to an opposing Raze rocket.


Sage’s only change is focused on her Slow Orb. Now teams can pass through their own Sage’s Slow Orb without giving away their position, and opponents can still sneak through the impacted area. The interesting bit of this change is the adjustment to air speed. The developers aimed to slow down the effect of bunny hopping through the zone. Overall it appears to be more of a buff than a nerf to Sage’s second ability.

Quality of Life Changes and Bug Fixes

The patch overall is a small one, but the few bug fixes were a little much for the closed beta to hold onto. Notably, the patch has fixed a crazy scenario where Cypher’s camera could wield a gun, and take out enemies. While hilarious for players able to manipulate the bug, it was certainly time for the exploit to be removed.

Melee damage now also deals additional damage to destructible objects like Sage’s wall and certain metal doors. The melee changes should be able to help attackers on low-economy rounds against Sage’s walls.

Aside from a few more map updates and some network improvements, the first VALORANT patch does not look to change much just yet.

Check out the full article for the patch notes here!

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