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Quick Questions With Ylona Garcia, The Voice Behind Neon’s Theme Song

Back in the beginning of the year, VALORANT unveiled its latest agent Neon. The announcement trailer featured Neon setting her room in between shots of gameplay that players could expect from the newest character. While players were interested in seeing how the agent would play in VALORANT, others were mesmerized by the theme song featured in the trailer.

The Neon trailer showcased the single “Entertain Me” by Filipino-Australian singer, Ylona Garcia. Garcia is a singer and songwriter that has been honing her craft for years, and even had a short stint on television. After a performance at the Head in the Clouds festival, Riot Games immediately knew that Garcia was the right talent for this release.

The Game Haus was lucky enough to ask a few questions to Garcia after the exciting Neon trailer.

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Quick Questions with Ylona Garcia

Note: The questions from TGH are in bold, while the responses are in italics. 

How did you get introduced to VALORANT?

My siblings introduced me to Valorant last year.

Have you gotten a chance to play Valorant? And if you have, how long have you been playing? 

I’ve only just started playing Valorant and it’s been quite fun!

What was your initial reaction when you were asked to collaborate with VALORANT for this trailer?

I was super excited! This is something I’ve never done before and It’s not every day that you get an offer to have your single become the theme song for a huge video game company.

When you started song writing, did you ever think you’d be working with a game company? 

No. But I feel very grateful to be given the chance to work with one, especially when it’s a product of Riot Games.

What does it mean for you to see Filipino representation in a game like VALORANT?

It means that Filipinos are being honored and appreciated even more now for our culture. I feel blessed.

Anything you like to say to your new fans who’ve discovered you through the trailer for Neon?

Thank you for appreciating my art. I hope to meet you all in person and take you all out for lunch one day. A journey with me is not going to be easy, but thank you for being brave enough to join the fandom I don’t even have an official name for.

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