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Patch 2.02 Analysis: Rifle Accuracy

VALORANT Patch 1.04

On Feb.2, VALORANT released their newest patch: patch 2.02. This patch begins to address the infamous “run and gun” tactic of running and spraying, which beforehand, did not provide enough consequences to deter players from relying on this often naïve strategy.

On the official VALORANT website, Riot’s statement for the patch notes read, “This is the patch where we start to tackle the feeling that running accuracy isn’t where it should be. As we’ve mentioned, we’re taking this on in increments and are ready to jump in if you’re not comfortable with the changes.”

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Rifle Updates

Apparently, this increment is a large one, quickly nerfing all rifles (Bulldog/Guardian/Phantom/Vandal) significantly: 


  • Running Error across rifles increased 3.75 >>> 5.0
  • Walking Error across rifles increased .8 >>> 1.1
  • Crouch-moving Error across rifles increased .3 >>> .8

Comments on Patch 2.02

This call has been a long time coming. Back in Nov. 2020, former C9 Blue member, TenZ, brought this issue to the forefront with his Youtube video, “Tenz Shows How to RUN & HEADSHOT in Valorant” where he said that “[running spray] is too good not to use.”

Before this patch, running and spraying often caused the spray to mostly go upwards, with only a few shots downwards, often attributing to the “accidental” headshots that many players were finding themselves hitting just by running and gunning, especially at closer distances. 

VALORANT content creator, DrZora, uploaded his video, “Has Riot Finally Fixed RUNNING AND GUNNING!?!?- HUGE RIFLE CHANGES (New Patch)” that goes through consecutive clips of walking and running sprays before and after the patch to show the difference in the sprays. Although this video helps show a little bit of the patch’s effects, it only shows sprays from a very close difference; Riot claims that the difference is even more notable for long-range shots.

Step Aside, Rifles

This could potentially leave room for sniper rifles, machineguns, or even shotguns to become more popular in regular gameplay. The rifles were often a popular choice because of their spray potential, but with the new patch in place that nerfs the potential for a lucky headshot, aim is going to matter that much more. Shotguns like the Guardian pretty much guarantee a kill with a headshot, so it would not be surprising to see that in play more now that Riot developers have nerfed all of their rifles.

Even with this change, this patch is far from the final solution to Riot’s gameplay adjustments. They state that they will “be monitoring this closely and will continue to fine-tune as necessary,” meaning that for starters, they are anticipating changes, and also that they plan to continue playing around with VALORANT’S shooting mechanics. 

It may very well be that 2021 is the year for VALORANT to clean up their mechanics. Back in Jan. with patch 2.0, the Classic was nerfed big time after it was uncovered that it had an insane accuracy while jumping, which again, was a spread error with its alt. fire. 

VALORANT’S developers seem keen on listening to the player’s voice. As new issues come to light within gameplay, the development team has worked hard to get new patches out to prioritize player requests. 

Has the new patch 2.02 solved the spray issue for VALORANT’S rifles? Let us know in the comments what you think about the new patch. 

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