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New VALORANT Skin Bundle “Silvanus” Leaked

new valorant skin bundle

On April 13 @ValorLeaks released an image leaking an upcoming skin bundle “Silvanus.” Read more about this new bundle here.


Tethered Realm New VALORANT Skin Bundle Revealed


Silvanus Skin Bundle

The Silvanus Skin Bundle has been leaked as an upcoming skin bundle available for purchase. It has a very ominous feel. The coloring features contrast between dark and lighter blues, with a white moon lighting up the skin design’s background. This time, the house looks to be a spooky beach hut with two lit windows. The gun skins in this bundle are the Silvanus Sheriff, Stinger, Operator, Phantom, and Vandal. If there is a knife to go along with this skin bundle it has not been released yet.

The lake house image could possibly relate to VALORANT’S upcoming map six, “Breeze.” While it has been teased that Breeze will feature a tropical beach setting, the Silvanus skin bundle’s featured image of an ominous beach hut would fit right in to the upcoming map’s tropical theme.

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Winter Wonderland “Look Alike”

Some players have already begun to comment that the new Silvanus skin bundle appears to look a lot like last Christmas’s Winter Wonderland Skin Bundle. Both skin bundles are perspective skins that feature a house of some sort. Instead of the Winter Wonderland’s snowy cabin look though, this new skin bundle is definitely a lot darker.

Check Out the Silvanus Bundle

Here is @ValorLeak’s posted image of the upcoming Silvanus Bundle:

Will it be worth purchasing? It is unknown at this time if this bundle will have any sort of customizable features such as skin variants or animation upgrades. It should be noted that the Winter Wonderland bundle was not customizable, so it might be safe to say that this bundle will be the same.

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