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New VALORANT Recon Bundle Skins Revealed: A More Modern Look

VALORANT Recon Bundle

The newest gun skin line, Recon, for VALORANT had been revealed. These skins will also be coming with the latest VALORANT Patch 3.04. That means that these skins will be coming out this week. Here is a look at the new VALORANT Recon Bundle skins.

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VALORANT Recon Bundle
VALORANT Recon Bundle

The new VALORANT skin bundle is definitely made for the modern era. Players who enjoy games like Call of Duty or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, will like these guns. They have that sandy brown coloring to blend in with the surroundings. Also, they are showing off different optics like what would be seen on more modern guns. These optics are merely for this picture, they will not be added into the game.

It is a bit surprising that this is the first time that these types of skins are coming out for the game. Normally, one would expect them to be available on release. For some, they may seem a little bland, but they are certainly fulfilling a certain shooter expectation. And for fans who enjoy modern history and the guns associated with it, this will certainly hit home for them.

Now for the part that most people care about, which guns have the skins and what is the collectible knife?

  • Recon Ghost
  • Recon Guardian
  • Recon Phantom
  • Recon Spectre
  • Recon Balisong (Butterfly Knife)

The entire Recon bundle will cost 7,100 VP.

The butterfly knife will certainly catch the player’s eye. In games like CSGO, butterfly knives are some of the most popular weapons in the game. It will be interesting to see if the Balisong will have the same effect.

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