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New VALORANT Prime 2.0 Skins?

With the new VALORANT ACT starting March 2 comes new skins, and the new “Prime 2.0” skins have been leaked. Fans of the original prime skins are even more excited for the new act to arrive. It is pay to win, isn’t it?

The new bundle looks sick, sleeker than the original prime skins. With the original prime skins being one of the most popular ones in the game, this new bundle is going to be a huge hit.

No Prime Vandal?

In the recent leak, it looks like the new prime skins do not include a new VALORANT prime 2.0 vandal skin. This means that players can keep their old prime vandal skin and add on the new prime phantom, as there has not been a prime phantom skin yet. As for the color variants, there could be more diverse options. They all look relatively the same and the original orange variant from the old prime skin seems to have been dismissed.


With the new agent coming and the new skins, players are excited to get the grind going.

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