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New VALORANT Patch Introduces Hilarious Flying Bug

Early in the afternoon on June 23, VALORANT introduced its latest patch that aimed to add a ranked mode, as well as a few bug fixes. However the new patch added some unintentional goofiness to a typically competitive game.

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Currently, there is a massive bug where players can go “ghost mode” in normal matches. Typically the “ghost mode” is saved for custom matches when cheats are enabled. At the moment, players are free to fly around the map with impunity. One of the rare game-breaking bugs that find themselves into the game, the “ghost bug” can send all 10 members of the match into the air.

Players can access this flying-glitch by going into a custom match, setting the “Cheats” option ton on. Once inside the match, go to the settings menu to find the “Cheats” tab. There players can find an option for setting a keybind for “Ghost” mode. Use any key for this, exit settings, and leave the match. Hop into an unrated match or spike rush, and simply press the key! Now the option to fly around the map like a AC-130 is all yours! Be wary, as you may end up in high-speed dog fights with other pilots.

This bug will most certainly be hot-fixed, so make to sure get in on the silliness while it lasts.

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