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New VALORANT Map Teased: Could this be Fracture?


As VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2 gets closer, more details come out about what all will be in it. There was a new leak about a map potentially named Fracture coming soon. Now it would seem as though that leak was correct as the VALORANT Twitter page dropped a new teaser. Here is the latest of the new VALORANT map that was teased.

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For a look at the new teaser, checkout the Tweet below.


When decoding this new VALORANT map image, some of the words are, “divided expanses” , “futures” and “revealed”. What is interesting is that this could fit with the codename that was leaked before as a canyon would work for this map. Also, they have been pushing this multidimensional world for VALORANT. While a lot of fans expected it, the words “divided expanses” could be for more than just the look of the map.

It could also be referencing a new part in the story of VALORANT where the agents are fighting different versions of themselves. For many, they have been wanting more lore and this new location could be where the split was. There are two sides that look very mirrored but with aesthetic changes in color and what is on each side. Is it possible that the middle area is what connects both universes?

Whatever it may be, for those who just enjoy playing the game, they will be getting a brand new map. Now it is worth asking if they will be like in Episode 2 where the Act with the new map did not involve a new agent? If it is then that means at least another two months before fans get their hands on a new agent.

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