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New VALORANT Game Mode, Escalation, Revealed

VALORANT New Game Mode

VALORANT has revealed its newest game mode, Escalation. The new mode will seemingly be available with the next patch. This is the first new game mode to come out since deathmatch was added. Escalation will seemingly feature plenty of action and add some new and interesting gameplay to VALORANT. Here is a look at the new mode.

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For those who have played Gun Game in CSGO, new VALORANT game mode Escalation will feel very similar. The main difference though is that seemingly anything that is considered a weapon, including other agent’s abilities, will be fair play for this new mode. Fans who have wanted to see Brimstone use Sova’s Shock Dart or Sova use Brimstone’s Incendiary grenades, they will finally get their chance.

It is interesting to see the VALORANT team adding another game mode and seemingly out of the blue. While this is a bit of a copy, so are many other game modes. This was probably a pretty easy one for them to put together and it continues to stick with their mindset of adding new content.

For VALORANT fans though, they are probably hoping that a new map or agent will be coming sooner rather than later. Well, more so an announcement of one of the two. This is due to them sticking with the Act and Chapter schedule.

That means that fans should be expecting some sort of leak or announcement in the near future. As weirdly, it has already been well over a month since Yoru was added to the game and a new agent should be well on the way here in the next month or so.

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