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New VALORANT Agent Codename Potentially Leaked as “BountyHunter”

VALORANT Agent BountyHunter

The VALORANT agent leaks continue to come in. This time it may be about agent 17 or a continuation of agent 16. Either way, it seems like the reveal of a new agent is coming soon. Here is what the new information says and who teased VALORANT Agent BountyHunter.

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Originally the tweet had come from the known VALORANT leaker Twitter account @ValorLeaks. This was during a time where they were revealing all of the new things coming with the latest VALORANT patch. Now the tweet that is shown below, was deleted.

Valorant Bounty Hunter
Valorant Bounty Hunter

It is interesting to note that they had also previously leaked that Agent 16 was codenamed Grenadier as was reported on by The Game Haus just about a month ago. Now fans may be wondering, what does this all mean?

The last time this account took something down like this was when the last agent, Astra, came out. He was given the ability to play and reveal more about the new agent. Then when an agent didn’t come out with the last Act, many wondered why?

Is it possible that to make up for the lack of an agent last Act that VALORANT would be releasing two new agents at once?

This is something that Riot Games has done before. They have done it for their original franchise, League of Legends. So it would not be completely out of the question for Riot Games to do this again to appease fans and fulfill their original goal to have one new agent out with each Act. Fans will just have to find out if BountyHunter is the newest VALORANT Agent or if Grenadier is. Surely, they will prefer both if possible.

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