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New VALORANT Agent Astra Leaked

Astra Leak

There have been images and other teasers of the new control agent coming to VALORANT. Now the full release video has been leaked by the Twitter account @ValorLeaks. They were given the video from a leak coming from the official VALORANT Russian Youtube channel. Here is a quick look at the newest VALORANT agent Astra.

*NOTE: The tweet has been taken down but the post of the initial video is still on Reddit. Now the video has also been either deleted or takedown from the Russian VALORANT page.

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Valorant Leaks has published the English version of the video previously shown.

Here are some images from the leaked video.

Valorant Astra

Valorant Astra

Valorant Astra
Valorant Astra

According to leaks on Reddit she is a cosmic agent from Ghana. Her abilities are definitely that of a control character and her ultimate might be something similar to Symmetra’s ability from Overwatch where she is able to create a big wall that might block damage and sight.

Either way, she looks like a very unique agent to be added to Valorant. It will be interesting to see when she is officially announced if the Russian Youtube page already revealed her.

Now all eyes will turn to how she will fit in the game and especially the lore. Astra feels similar to Omen to a certain degree but more that she has come from a completely different world or at least gained her powers from them. If her abilities that have been leaked are true then she will be able to not only save plenty of plants but also set up extremely strong traps to keep her enemies from reaching their destination.

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