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Leaked VALORANT Origin Skin Bundle

On Monday June 7, @ValorLeaks on Twitter released a leak of a new VALORANT skin bundle, Origin. As of now, there is no timeline for when these skins might hit the shop, but they are still sure to stir up excitement.

Here is the look at the leaked VALORANT Origin skin bundle:

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The leaked VALORANT Origin skin bundle is another skin bundle that seems to be heavily influenced by an advanced technology theme. With highlights of glowing green light against what seems to be a darker grey metallic base, the new skins look sleek. The accent lines appear to look like rune carvings, which could be a hint for something coming later to VALORANT.

This bundle will include an Origin Vandal, Origin Frenzy, Origin Operator, Origin Bucky and Origin Knife. Each of these guns are fairly popular in VALORANT’s meta, so this makes this Origin skin bundle that much more exciting.

Skin Animations and Upgrades

The Origin skin bundle can also be upgraded. The upgraded Origin bundle features a unique firing sound as well as reload animation. The sleek reload animation pairs with a unique inspect. When players inspect their guns, the gun floats between their two hands and partially comes apart. It also has a kill animation. The kill animation shows a green beam of light that takes over the enemy and seems to have them vanish.

The Origin knife is the only portion of the bundle that does not seem as sleek as the guns. Many on Twitter have compared it to a protractor because of its semi-circle shape. Rather than a stabbing motion, the knife is meant to be a slasher.

There are also color variants for the Origin skin pack. The black and green colors are standard, but the gun variants are black and red, blue/green and purple, and then white and gold. It is important to note that the knife will not have color variants.

Check out Youtuber DiegoteTV’s video on the Origin skin bundle to view the awesome animation features of the leaked skin bundle:

All in all, the Origin skin bundle features popular guns as well as nice color variants. This combined with the sleek animations are sure to make the Origin skin bundle popular amongst players.

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New VALORANT Agent Codename Potentially Leaked as "BountyHunter" June 8, 2021 at 1:06 pm

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