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Keep Up with VALORANT’S VCT Game Changers Series I Finals

Now that open qualifiers are behind us, eight teams are left to compete in the first major VCT Game Changers Series event. The prize pool of $50,000 is sure to entice teams to bring their best.


VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Game Changers is a year-long initiative to create new opportunities for female and marginalized genders to compete within VALORANT esports. This goal will consist of both community events as well as top-tier competition. 

The VCT Game Changers Series I Finals features a double elimination tournament. Each match will be a best-of-three except the grand final: a best-of-five fight for the winning title.

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Competing Teams

The eight competing teams for the VCT Game Changers Series I Finals are Cloud9White, CLG Red, Dignitas, Man I Love Fwogs, Moon Racoons Black, OWA OWA, TSM, and Watch This. 

Cloud9 White is well known for being the first all-female competitive VALORANT roster, founded Oct 2020. They have begun to make some noise in the competitive VALORANT scene since the Summer Showdown with notable wins against eUnited and Renegades. On their way to qualification for VCT Game Changers, Cloud9 White scored wins against TSM Female and OWA OWA. 

CLG Red VALORANT was just founded this year, although they began CLG Red six years prior with the purpose of creating more spaces for female esports competitors. CLG Red is known for having one of the best CS:GO female teams in the world and are looking to build upon this initiative with their VALORANT team. Another big name, TSM announced their own all-female roster to throw their hat into the Game Changers competition.

Aside from signed teams, there are also unsigned teams competing: Man I Love Fwogs, Moon Racoons Black, OWA OWA and Watch This are making their debut on the Game Changers field. OWA OWA has some notable backing considering three out of their players are streamers for Gen.G: Madison “Maddiesuun” Mann, Carlee “carlee” Gress and Hannah “Hannah” Reyes.


Partnered with Nerd Street Gamers, VALORANT NA will be providing official broadcast streams of every match in the VCT Game Changers Series I Finals. Each competition day begins at 12pm PT. 

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Here is the schedule for the VCT Game Changers Series I Finals:

VCT Game Changers Series I Finals – Day 01: Thursday, March 25

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals

[12pm PT] Match 1: C9 White vs. Man I Love Fwogs

[~2:30pm PT] Match 3: CLG Red vs. OWA OWA

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals – ALT

[12pm PT] Match 2: Dignitas vs. TSM

[~2:30pm PT] Match 4: Moon Raccoons Black vs. Watch This

Lower Bracket Round 1

[~5pm PT] Match 5: Match 1 Loser vs. Match 2 Loser

Lower Bracket Round 1 – ALT

[~5pm PT] Match 6: Match 3 Loser vs. Match 4 Loser


VCT Game Changers Series I Finals – Day 02: Friday, March 26

Upper Bracket Semifinals

[12pm PT] Match 7: Match 1 Winner vs. Match 2 Winner

Upper Bracket Semifinals – ALT

[12pm PT] Match 8: Match 3 Winner vs. Match 4 Winner

Lower Bracket Quarterfinals

[~2:30pm PT] Match 10: Match 5 Winner vs. Match 7 Loser

Lower Bracket Quarterfinals ALT

[~2:30pm PT] Match 9: Match 6 Winner vs. Match 8 Loser


VCT Game Changers Series I Finals – Day 03: Saturday, March 27

Upper Bracket Finals

[12pm PT] Match 11: Match 7 Winner vs. Match 8 Winner

Lower Bracket Semifinals and Finals

[~2:30pm PT] Match 12: Match 9 Winner vs. Match 10 Winner

[~5pm PT] Match 13: Match 12 Winner vs. Match 11 Loser


VCT Game Changers Series I Finals – Day 04: Sunday, March 28

Grand Finals

[12pm PT] Match 14: Match 11 Winner vs. Match 13 Winner


Where to Tune In

VCT Game Changers NA – Series 1 Finals : OR 

VCT Game Changers NA – Series 1 Finals ALT: OR

Both Streams:

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