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Is There a New VALORANT Map on the Horizon?

VALORANT Map Agent Teaser

In the morning of Thursday, September 24, the VALORANT twitter teased potential new content. In the post are phrases in different languages, moving across the screen with the familiar floating island as a backdrop. The mysterious post has fans stumped as to what it could possibly mean.

There is a bit of uncertainty regarding what the teaser could actually represent from a content standpoint. On one hand, asking “Who’s on the bench” could hint at a potential new character. A new character now would go along with the release schedule Riot has laid out regarding VALORANT agents. Typically agents should make an appearance every two months. Killjoy entered the game on August 4, and Reyna appeared two months prior on June 2. With October around the corner, VALORANT may add one more playable character early next month. Just in time for the VALORANT “First Strike” tournament hosted by Riot.

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Equally possible is that the teaser is building excitement for a new map. Back in June, VALORANT unveiled Ascent as the fourth map in the rotation. The map was met with some mixed reviews from players, but the overall problem players have is the lack of different maps. Having only four choices means players will find themselves battling it out on the same few maps, often times playing the same map consecutively. A fifth map would go a long way to helping players play more matches in a row.

Whether it be a character or a map, expect the latest addition to coincide with the release of the next act. As acts typically last two months, the next content drop should be right around the corner. Until then, players will have to crack the code to see what the next bit of content will be for VALORANT.

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