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How Much Will Valorant Cost?

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Recently, a lot of hype has begun to build around Riot Games’ new FPS, Valorant. Journalists, former players and members of the general esports community have been chiming in about the promise and potential of the upcoming game. Lots of hype and expectation for a game that fans currently know very little about.

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But, along with several other questions surrounding release date and the game’s mechanics, fans have also begun to ask what the cost of the game will be. Riot typically makes games free-to-play, making money off of in-game cosmetic purchases and things of the like. Early reports suggest Project A, despite being in a new genre for the company, will follow suit.

That’s right, it’s looking like Valorant will be free-to-play on PC. This, according to European esports professional, @ivo_kk. He talks about the game’s cost and a few other details in a post he made on Twitter recently. That image can be seen below.

project a free to play






Overall, there is still no official announcement on Riot’s part concerning the game’s cost, however, this picture was posted in a Discord channel dedicated to the game with Riot staff present. It’d be hard to believe they went in any other direction than free-to-play considering the success of League of Legends over the years.

Either way, stay tuned here at The Game Haus for more news and updates about the games likely cost, release date and more.


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