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Here is When Ranked is Coming Back to VALORANT

VALORANT has officially come out but ranked play did not transfer over with it.  It had been out during the closed beta and with it were some pretty big complaints. The gains or losses from each game was not very clear. Also, the top rank was named VALORANT, which many players disliked. This had made many wonder when will ranked would finally be making its way to the game? Well, the answer came on Monday, 6/22 in a post from Riot Games.

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Ranked will be coming with Patch 1.02 which is coming Tuesday 6/23. Only a base level of knowledge for ranks will be seen for now but they intend to continue to improve the experience. Also, players will be able to play their ranked matches with their higher-ranked friends but only to a certain extent. Basically an Immortal or Radiant player will not be able to hard carry an Iron player out of the basement.

Also revealed were all the ranks including updates to Immortal and a new name for VALORANT’s top rank. No longer would it be the same as the game but instead it is called Radiant.


Lastly, they do want to bring in new aspects to ranked play and different competitions like in-game tournaments. That said Riot says they wants to focus on making Ranked as clean as possible before moving into those realms. It is very clear that their intent is to grow this game naturally and make sure that the competitive scene can resemble their other major title, League of legends.

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