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First Look At VALORANT’s Newest Agent, Reyna, and her Abilities

On Saturday May 30, Riot Games teased their latest addition to the VALORANT Roster, Reyna. The official VALORANT Twitter account posted a short game play video of the newest character, just a day after the VALORANT Brazil account tweeted a teaser trailer.

In the short 30-second video Riot showcased some of her abilities, while leaving out some details of her kit. The clip starts with a Reyna kill onto an opposing Cypher. Immediately after the elimination, Reyna appears to cast an ability and retreat. It’s important to note that as the Cypher dies, a purple orb is created on his dead body. It appears that the purple orb is integral to Reyna’s abilities, as she picks up the item as she uses her  “E” ability.

Potential Abilities Tied to Orbs

Her two abilities tied to the orbs appear to be a combination of a heal and a “Combat Stim”. Both buffs appeared after Reyna killed an opponent, hinting that the latest character will receive benefits through only killing enemies.

Reyna’s third ability mirrors a form of flash bang effect. Her voice line for the ability, “See Nothing” implies the opponents affected by the ability will now have impaired vision. In the clip, the enemy Sage has a purple aura around her face, most likely a visual cue to friendly teammates that the opponent is blinded.

She also momentarily turns invisible as she rotates to a new part of the map. As none of the ability indicators go on cool down during this moment, it is unclear how this ability is activated. There is a small meter on the bottom left-hand side of the screen, showing that there may be a resource management aspect of Reyna’s abilities. Most likely related to the orbs that are created on kills.

Reyna’s ultimate is called “Empress”, however the video did not show what the ultimate could do. It looks as though Riot plans on keeping her ultimate ability a secret until the eventual release on June 2.

As a fun last nugget in the trailer, the entire battle takes place on a new location. VALORANT developers had noted that the release would feature at least one new agent and one new map for players. If viewers look closely, the site appears to be extremely similar to the workshop section of the practice range.

Excited players can get a sneak peek at all things VALORANT as ESPN Esports will host a 12-hour livestream on June 1.

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