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Exclusive Beta-Access Items in VALORANT

After months of early-access play time and testing, Riot Games has officially released their latest game, VALORANT. Not everyone was able to get a shot at the early version of the game however, as Beta-access codes were distributed by random Twitch drops. Those lucky enough to gain access into the Beta-testing period will find a few exclusive items as a thanks for participating.

Unique Player Cards

Players who had accounts during the Beta can find 3 exclusive player cards waiting for them in their collection. Two of the cards, titled “Beta Pioneer” and “VALORANT Beta”, are more generic appearing cards with a grey-scale color scheme. The third card, “Beta Watch Card”, features the Twitch and VALORANT icons with Brimstone as the backdrop for the card. The Beta Watch Card is awarded to Beta users that viewed VALORANT streams on Twitch during the Beta.

VALORANT Beta-access exclusive items

Courtesy of Riot Games

Early-access players will also see two exclusive titles to complete their player cards. To show-off to everyone in the lobby, make sure to equip the “First” or “V1.0” title.

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Unique Gun Buddy

Last but not least, players who participated in the Beta will receive an exclusive gun buddy. Players will recognize this charm as it was available to players during the beta-testing period.

VALORANT Beta-access exclusive items
Courtesy of Riot Games

For the official release of the game, the “Closed Beta Coin” gun-buddy has a little extra shine than its previous version. Beta-access participants will receive two of the Closed Beta Coin gun-buddies to customize their favorite weapons. Be on the look out for beta players in the game lobby, as they can be a useful resource for any questions.

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