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Everything We Know About Valorant So Far


Riot Games’ highly anticipated first-person shooter (FPS) has been receiving some high praise as of late in various gaming and esports communities. Valorant, formerly known by its codename (Project A), has little confirmed details so far, with many of its core elements likely still in the works. But, even being that little is known about the game thus far, there are still some details that we do know about Project A.

A Glimpse of Gameplay

When the game was first teased back in October of 2019, Riot release some small snippets of what the gameplay for Valorant will look like. It appears, early on, that the game can best be described as a crossover between CS:GO and Overwatch, with abilities being present for each character, but not so much that they are the primary way of netting eliminations.

Since the release of that initial video, the branding of the game has been confirmed and more details have come out. Most recently, Valorant previewed what the Phoenix character will look like. There will likely be more of these videos ahead of their 2020 release.

Several Close to the Game are Optimistic

Several former CS:GO players and other industry professionals have recently gotten their hands on the game, and just about every one of them is optimistic about its potential impact. Some, like esports journalist Rob “Slasher” Breslau, are extremely optimistic about Project A’s potential to make a splash in the global esports scene.

Others in the industry like former CS:GO professional, @HarryG, went on at length about his experience testing the game at Riot EU. He is also quite excited and optimistic about the game’s release.

Additionally, it seems that former Overwatch professional and popular streamer, xQc, has also had some exposure to Project A. Although he was very tight-lipped about it, it seems like Project A will be something the Canadian streamer will be keeping a close eye on in the coming months.

Expected Release Date and Cost

According to @ivo_kk, the game will be free-to-play with only cosmetic items being purchasable. Additionally, he claims that abilities are purchased each round and are, thus, more precious and less for spamming. This is not confirmed news by Riot, only to be considered at rumor at this point. The entire post can be seen below.

Additionally, the game is expected to roll out a beta very soon, with a full release slotted for the Summer of 2020.

project a free to play

Riot developers advise following Riot Games and Valorant on Twitter for more information about the upcoming release as well as some teasers along the way. We’ll continue to provide updates here at The Game Haus as well, stay tuned.



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