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Everything Known about VALORANT’s Newest Agent Killjoy

VALORANT's Latest Agent Killjoy

With the addition of patch 1.04, Riot added a few Easter eggs for players to tease the next agent. Inside Split, there are a few nods to the potential new agent code-named “Killjoy”. This would be the VALORANT’s second new agent since release, and twelfth agent overall.

Potential Look

The first and most obvious, is the cardboard cutout of the new agent as players move towards A-site. Seen inside the shoe store, it looks like Killjoy’s outline is there to promote some sweet new shoes. The¬† cutout stands just next to a poster featuring the same outline, but with a large “4” directly above. The number could indicate when players can expect the newest agent, as “Acts” are slated to start every two months. With August 4 lining up with the current patch schedule, don’t be surprised to see Killjoy join the fray then.

The agent cutout resembles the silhouette seen in an earlier video from Anna “RiotSuperCakes” Dolan explaining the Episode and Acts roadmap. While the poster seems a little different, the hair and general outline appear similar enough to assume this is the same character. The yellow and purple poster could allude to their color-scheme.

VALORANT's Latest Agent Killjoy
Courtesy of Riot Games
Potential Abilities

Scattered around the map are posters of robots that may just be what Killjoy will use in the game. There have been rumors of a potential builder character floating around Twitter and Reddit, and that character just may be Killjoy. According to datamined voice recordings it appears that Killjoy is a tech genius.

VALORANT's Latest Agent Killjoy
Courtesy of Riot Games

Just seen outside of the store holding his cutout, there are a few small stickers covering the door. Notably, these little faces have their mouths covered with an “x”. Typically in games, a player with a large X over their mouth indicates they are “Silenced” and are not allowed to use abilities.

VALORANT's Latest Agent Killjoy
Courtesy of Riot Games

These robots just may cause opponents to be silenced, preventing them from using their own utility. If the robots are similar to Raze’s “Bomb Buddy”, players may be able to shoot them before they cause too much trouble. Whether the silence is a part of their normal kit, or an ultimate is left to the imagination.

At a glance, it looks like Killjoy just may live up to their name. Fans have worried Riot may add a builder type of character, as additional things to shoot are usually tough to play around. Now paired with a potential way to block players abilities, this new agent just could be one of the most difficult to play against to date.

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games

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