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Everything in the VALORANT Arcane Collectors Set

VALORANT Arcane Collectors Set

Riot Games are releasing their first-ever show on Netflix in just a few days. To celebrate, every Riot Games franchise is having a crossover event mostly featuring Jinx and Vi. VALORANT is included in this even though the characters and League of Legends universe are not exactly connected. This means new skins and some other extras coming with the VALORANT Arcane Collectors Set. Here is everything in the VALORANT Arcane Collectors Set.

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Here is the official description given with the press release for the VALROANT Arcane Bundle.

“Rep your excitement for the RiotX Arcane event with the limited edition Arcane Collector’s Set. Exclusively available for purchase in the VALORANT in-game store from Friday, November 5, 2pm PST to Monday, November 22, 2pm PST. Items won’t return to the Store or Night.Market and must be purchased as part of the complete bundle.”

As one can see above, this Arcane Collector’s Set will only be available for a short time. Then after that, it will be gone, likely for good. So for fans of both franchises, it will be important to grab it before it has left the game.

Here is a look at everything in the Arcane Bundle.

  • Price: 2,380 VP
  • Content:
    • Arcane Sheriff
      • Level 1 – Custom model design and bullets. Custom idle pose, equip, reload, and firing animations.
      • Level 2 – Model upgrade. Custom visual effects and audio during equip, reload, and firing animations.
    • Monkey Business Gun Buddy
    • Tag! You’re Dead Spray
    • Arcane Mysteries Card
    • Jinx Title

While not every fan will necessarily want this, for those who do enjoy both, it is another great crossover. The Sentinels of Light event was another crossover for a major event. The biggest difference is that characters, specifically Jinx, will be making an appearance with the Jinx title and Arcane Mysteries Card. This will be a first for both games.

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