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Everything in the VALORANT Act II Battle Pass

It is that time, the new VALORANT Battle Pass is here. This Battle Pass is for Act II of episode 1 in the VALORANT story. It comes with all new tags, spray paints, guns and much more. With that, here is everything that comes in the Battle Pass, both in the Premium and Free Version.

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Chapter 1


Tier 1: Hivemind Ares

Tier 2: Split Decision Buddy

Tier 3: 10 Radianite Points

Tier 4: Judge Schema Card

Tier 5: Hivemind Spectre


1: Chicken Noir Card

2: Chicken

Chapter 2


Tier 6: No Toxicity Spray

Tier 7: Danger Lizard Buddy

Tier 8: 10 Radianite Points

Tier 9: Pigs May Fly Card

Tier 10: Polyfox Judge


1: EP 1//2 Coin Buddy

Chapter 3


Tier 11: Polyfox Card

Tier 12: Dap Team Spray

Tier 13: 10 Radianite Points

Tier 14: Polyfox Buddy

Tier 15: Polyfox Bulldog


1: 10 Radianite Points

2: Foxy

Chapter 4


Tier 16: Polyfox Sheriff

Tier 17: Killyjoy ID Card

Tier 18: Little Onion Lad Spray

Tier 19: 10 Radianite Points

Tier 20: Polyfox Guardian


1: Chicken Out Spray

Chapter 5


Tier 21: Cheaters Never Prosper Spray

Tier 22: 10 Radianite Points

Tier 23: Froggie Hat Buddy

Tier 24: G.O.A.T Spray

Tier 25: Hivemind Vandal


1: Vandal Schema Card

Chapter 6


Tier 26: Sad Crab Spray

Tier 27: 10 Radianite Points

Tier 28: Wanted: Tactibunny Spray

Tier 29: Hivemind Card

Tier 30: Red Alert Bucky


1: Bear Tactics Buddy

Chapter 7


Tier 31: Epoch Event Card

Tier 32: 10 Radianite Points

Tier 33: Red Alert Buddy

Tier 34: No Time Spray

Tier 35: Red Alert Stinger


1: 10 Radianite Points

2: Catalyst

Chapter 8


Tier 36: Caught on Camera Spray

Tier 37: Safe Haven Buddy

Tier 38: Versus// Pheonix + Jett Card

Tier 39: 10 Radianite Points

Tier 40: Red Alert Classic


1: Dark Side Beyond Spray

Chapter 9


Tier 41: 10 Radianite Points

Tier 42: Odin Schema Card

Tier 43: This is Also Fine Spray

Tier 44: Cup O’ Crown Buddy

Tier 45: Red Alert Operator


1: The Spike Buddy

Chapter 10


Tier 46: Defy the Limit Spray

Tier 47: The Wheel of Steel Buddy

Tier 48: The Way Forward Card

Tier 49: 10 Radianite Points

Tier 50: Hivemind Sword


1: Hivemind Shorty

2: Experiment X011 Card

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[…] [Related: Everything in the VALORANT Act II Battlepass] […]


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