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Could Ascent be the Next VALORANT Map?

There has been a lot of speculation lately that a new VALORANT map is coming soon. Much of it comes from the fact VALORANT has been going strong but has been without any new content since the first day. With evidence growing, here is what is currently known.

The first part is that people have datamined many different parts of a potential map named Ascent. There have been set-pieces along with the actual name in the coding. Along with this, the map that was shown in the announcement video for VALORANT has yet to be revealed. This showed Jett dashing across a small body of water. Many have assessed that this map is a Venetian themed map as not only does it have the canals but similar architecture to the floating city.

Along with this, has come some potentially leaked schematics and an overview map of how Ascent would look.

When looking at the callsigns for areas of this map it feels very possible that is could be the Venetian themed map. Places like Fountain, Well, Bell Tower, Scaffolding, Boathouse and especially Gelato are pretty telling. A video by PlayerIGN also makes a compelling case.

Whether this is the new map or not is currently unknown. It could just as easily be a fanmade map. That said, there is a compelling argument that Ascent will be a new map in VALORANT at some point. It just may not be the next one.

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