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Condensed VALORANT Patch 1.14 Notes

VALORANT Patch 1.14 Notes

On Tuesday December 8, VALORANT will be adding its last major update for 2020. Patch 1.14 adds some balance to Icebox, and surprisingly enough, a Sage buff. Best of all, the newest patch features a brand new game mode to celebrate the winter season. Grab some friends and take part in the VALORANT Snowball fight game mode for a limited time.

Check out the full patch notes here.

Agent Updates


  • Barrier Orb
    • Barrier Orb can’t be placed during Buy Phase
    • Once fortified, Barrier no longest loses health over time. Barrier only starts to deteriorate a few seconds before it expires

Map Updates


  • The overall height of the map now reduced. Several key areas on Sites have been shortened to give players a chance to play on A Site.

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Game Mode Updates

New Game Mode: Snowball Fight

  • 5v5 Team Deathmatch, with respawns enabled.
  • First to 50 kills wins
  • Each player is given a Snowball Launcher. It shoots and works just like Brimstone’s molotov launcher.
  • Power Ups will be available throughout the match in the form of Gifts. Players can receive four different Gift Types
    • Rapid Fire allows players to shoot faster
    • Growball shoots a projectile that grows in size over time
    • Ricochet will allow snowballs to bounce off of the ground and walls
    • Skates give players a speed increase and jump height increase
  • Game mode available from December 15 to December 29

Quality of Life and Other Changes
  • New Store feature: Night Market
    • Each player will receive six chances to receive a random Select, Deluxe, or Premium weapon skin at a discount. Opens December 10
  • Requirements to unlock Competitive play have been changed from Play 20 Unrated matches to Win 10 Unrated matches
  • Manual Game State Recovery added
  • Cinematic Cameras added for observers
  • Projectile Follow added. Observers can now follow a projectile fired by a player


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