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Condensed VALORANT Patch 1.06 Notes

Riot is back from their two-week vacation, and they are here with a little gift for their favorite VALORANT players. Patch 1.06 is small patch that aims to tweak how shotguns work while players are airborne. Aside from a few quality of life changes and bug fixes, there isn’t any groundbreaking changes this time around. It looks as though Riot is happy where Killjoy is at in terms of play rates and power level.

Check out the full patch notes here.

Agent Changes


  • The audio and visual cues for blinding effects are now updated to provide better indicators of when players should turn away and when it is ok to look again.

Weapon Changes

All Shotguns

  • Spread penalty while airborne increased from .5  to 1.25
  • This change makes shotguns less accurate while shooting in the air

Quality of Life Changes and Bug Fixes
  • In the Collections menu, the “Show Owned Only” toggle now persists between screens and client resets
  • Fixed a bug where progress towards competitive play for new players could be gained by forfeiting games.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect names appearing while managing party invites
  • Resolved the issue where players were not receiving rewards after completing the Agent Contracts or Act Battlepass. Playing one match will correctly reward players affected

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