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Condensed VALORANT Patch 1.02 Notes

Condensed Patch Notes

VALORANT players can rest easy now that patch 1.02 is finally hitting live servers. With the latest update, ranked queues will be available for the first time since beta. After weeks of anticipation, players can now test their skills in a competitive VALORANT environment. Alongside the introduction of competitive mode, there are several changes to agents and UI that will be important to know heading into the ranked ladder.

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Check out the full patch notes here.

Agent Changes


  • Fixed an issue where Spycam blocked Spike defusal
  • Fixed an issue where players could place a Cyber Cage on a Trapwire
  • Added prevention for Spycam going through teleporter doors on Bind when placed on the frame from outside


  • Blade Storm – Knives refresh when killing Phoenix during Run It Back


  • Soul Orbs now spawn when killing Phoenix during Run It Back


  • Toxic Screen –  Now burns through walls, placing emitters at all valid locations over its length
  • Snake Bite – Taking damage will make a player fragile for a short time
  • New Keyword “Fragile” – debuff that increases damage taken
  • Poison Orb – Activation cooldown increased from 5 -> 6

Weapon Changes


  • Crouch-walk accuracy decreased from 3.45 -> 4.1
  • Walk accuracy increased from 6.4 -> 4.4
  • Run accuracy decreased from 3.5 -> 6.4

Map Changes

All Maps

  • Updates to various locations to improve clearing angles.
  • Goal of the change was to make certain areas need less abilities to properly check and secure a location. Meaning, players won’t need to flash every corner to properly take space.

HUD and UI

In this patch, there are several changes to the menus and various UI portions of VALORANT. All main  views have a “back” button in the upper left to return to the Home view. All detailed views use the same “back” button feature. Small changes to pop-up boxes and menu bars are now live, and players may need a few moments to get used to the new layout.

There are also a few changes to the Battlepass menu to make it easy to find. The Contracts and Agents Section also got some updates as well, so make sure to check it out and get the low-down of the new layout.

Game Mode Changes

Spike Rush

  • New Orb Type – Tracer Orb
    • Team-wide buff that grants 2x wall penetration and reveals enemies for .75 seconds when they are hit
    • Lasts the entire round
  • Speed Boost Orb changed to Combat Stim Orb
    • Movement Speed and duraction unchanged
    • Reload time decreased by 30%
    • Weapon draw time decreased by 30%
    • Spread recovery increased by 30%
    • Rate of fire increased by 30%
    • Jumping increased by 30%
  • Plague Orb and Paranoia Orb share the same selection pool
    • Only one of these will be selected each match
    • Only one Plage Orb can spawn per round
    • Health reduction decreased from 90 to 50
  • Deception Orb now shares a pool with Plague Orb
    • Only one of these will be per game
    • Only one Deception Orb can spawn per round
    • Duration decreased from 10s to 8s (now matches Plague Orb)
    • Tunnel vision decreased from 20%

Practice Mode

  • Reyna: Killing practice bots now properly spawn Soul Orbs
  • Jett: Killing practice bots now properly refreshes Blade Storm

Quality of Life
  • Early Surrender Option Now Available
    • Teams can opt to forfeit a match by typing “/ff”, “forfeit”, “concede”,or “surrender”
    • An early surrender vote requires all present players to agree
    • Players can vote “/yes”  or “/no” along with F5 and F6
    • Teams can only vote once per half
    • Early surrender votes cannot be called before round 8
  • Update to Bullet Tagging
    • Effect of tagging on movement speed reduced:
      • Tagging movement speed reduction decreased from 80% -> 70%
      • Tagging movement speed reduction decreased from 35% -> 25%
    • Increased the time it takes to reach desired slow amount when tagged by 100%

Performance Updates and Bug Fixes

This patch contains plenty of small bug fixes and performance updates that should make VALORANT feel a bit better to play. Notably the “Toggle Walk” feature should work as intended, and Sovereign Ghost skin now produces the correct audio. Unfortunately there are also a few known issues coming into this patch. Competitive matches overtime on this patch will be resolved by Sudden Death. The Riot team feels this option is a bit unfair, but are looking into alternatives.

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