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Condensed VALORANT Patch 1.01 Notes

VALORANT Patch 1.01 Notes

Early in the morning on Tuesday, June 9, Riot hit VALORANT with its first patch of the official release. Luckily it is a small one in terms of buffing and nerfing agents, but there are plenty of adjustments and fixes in this patch that are sure to make the game a little more tuned up.

For the entire patch notes, check it out on the VALORANT site.

Agent Changes


  • Barrier Orb cast range reduced from 20 meters, to 10 meters

Game Mode Changes

Spike Rush

  • Spike Rush now has 7 total orbs for players to pick up
    • Gold Gun
      • One-shot kill on any part of the body, and from any range
      • Perfect accuracy, even while moving
      • Agent has “knife” speed
      • Reload after every shot, has 3 bullets total
      • Kills refresh the bullet
    • Deception Orb
      • 10 second vision debuff on the enemy team
      • Vision is greatly reduced, with a field-of-vision shift
      • Fake footsteps and fake gunfire appear for affected players
      • Mini-map disabled
    • Health Orb
      • 20 second duration
      • Grants 12 HP per second, 3 HP per tick
      • Team wide health regen instantly
  • The Full Ultimate orb will always be on the map
  • Orbs will now have descriptions in character select and during pre-round set up

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Map Changes

All Maps

  • Map callout names have been changed to match the community callouts.


  • Fixed issues with guns falling through the map
  • Fixed issues with some wall penetration

Performance Updates and Bug Fixes

This small patch looked to fix several of the bugs and issues the community had sent back to the developers. In terms of performance, the developers focused on high-end machine performance. Along side the performance updates, there were a few quality of life changes made throughout the game. This included updates to UI text and transition screens. There were no new updates as to when ranked would be available for players.

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