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Cloud9 Korea VALORANT Roster Disbands After Top 3 Finish

Cloud9 Korean VALORANT Roster

Cloud9 was one of the first big-name organizations to get into VALORANT, but now they are one of the first to deliver bad news. Late on Thursday December 10, Cloud9 announced that their Cloud9 Korea VALORANT roster has been disbanded. The news comes after Cloud9 had placed third overall in the VALORANT First Strike tournament in the Korean bracket.

The news comes as a shock for many VALORANT fans, as Cloud9 KR had placed highly in almost every tournament. It’s currently unclear as to why the team has dissolved. It is also unclear if this will mean more moves for Cloud9’s North American teams. After the poor performance from Cloud9 Blue, it’ll be interesting to see if the main VALORANT roster will look different soon enough.

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The Game Haus will provide additional details as the news arrives.

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