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B Site Announces the Pop Flash VALORANT Tournament

B Site announces VALORANT tournament

On Wednesday August 12, the last of the North American VALORANT tournaments in the Ignition Series finally arrived. B Site, the company behind the Counter Strike: Global Offensive league Flashpoint, will host the Pop Flash Invitational. The announcement also noted eight of the initial invited teams, consisting of Cloud9, TSM, Immortals, Sentinels, Team Envy, Gen.G, T1, and Dignitas.

The announcement of Pop Flash brings with it several questions regarding the Ignition series and VALORANT rosters. The invited team list includes Team Dignitas, a team that does not own a VALORANT roster. The organization participates in both the LCS and the Counter Strike circuit of tournaments. The lack of a VALORANT roster up until this point was a bit of a mystery, but it appears that the secret will soon be revealed. Notably, the roster known as “Homeless” missed out on the FaZe Clan Invitational, fueling speculation of a potential signing with a larger organization like Dignitas.

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Additionally, because this tournament will be the last North American even in the Ignition Series, it opens up the conversation about the future of North American VALORANT. The popularity of VALORANT in North America is unquestioned, as the FaZe Clan Invitational brought an average of 80,000 viewers on twitch, with peaks up to 150,000. Without the Ignition series, it will be up to individual organizers to create and host events.

Tune in to watch top teams battle it out for $50,000 in prizes. Pop Flash is slated to premiere August 26 and go through until August 30. Viewers can watch matches on the Flashpoint twitch channel through the tournament.

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