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Agent 15 Leaks Hint Towards New Controller for VALORANT

Agent 15 Leaks VALORANT

It looks like there are a few unannounced additions to VALORANT in Wednesday’s latest patch. Players can find some mysterious embers floating around the VALORANT landscape, small pieces to a much larger puzzle. According to the VALORANT Leaks twitter account, it looks as though those new embers are teases to the next agent.

Inside the latest patch is a folder titled “Codenamed”, containing assets for various abilities for the character. WIth the embers around the map and the similarly colored Playcard, things around pointing to a “purple and orange” themed agent. The potential new agent is hinted to be a controller, potentially utilizing both smokes and flashes.

With the past two released agents being an initiator and a duelist respectively, it makes sense the next release would feature a controller character. Most team compositions are locked into using Brimstone or Omen for smoking off sites, and a new agent with smoke abilities will allow players to have a bit more variety when it comes to controller characters.

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The teasers inside the map aren’t too new either. Back in the release of Killjoy, Split featured a cardboard cutout of the next agent. The new embers floating around the map could be just the color scheme of the new agent, but more likely could hint at an ability.

With agents coming out every two months, the new agent is on track to match last years agent release schedule. Be on the lookout in the new patch to see if there are any other easter eggs that could reveal more about the mysterious Agent 15.


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