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A Look at the New VALORANT Map: Breeze


After what has felt like a very long wait since Icebox was released, Breeze will be the next VALORANT map. This map has been getting teased for some time so it is not a huge surprise, but it is a welcome addition to the game. While it was known that Breeze would be a tropical map, it was not known what else would be in it. Now a trailer has leaked and fans can finally get a look at Breeze, the new VALORANT Map.

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Here are some images from the trailer for the new VALORANT Map, Breeze.
Breeze VALORANT Market Area

Breeze VALORANT Market Area

Breeze VALORANT Jett
Breeze VALORANT Jett
Breeze VALORANT Corridor
Breeze VALORANT Cobblestone
Breeze VALORANT Cobblestone
A Bombsite
Breeze VALORANT A Bombsite

As one can see this map does bring some CSGO vibes in terms of it looking a bit like Cobblestone. This is mainly due to the fact that part of the map is in a cobblestone castle. That said, this map does also feel a bit like the CSGO map due to the doors and different corridors.

Luckily for fans, or maybe not so much for some, this map definitely feels much more open than Icebox. One of the biggest complaints for the map before Breeze was that there were too many nooks and crannies for people to hide out in. This lead to a lot of frustration and has since been changed to some degree.

From the trailer, fans were able to get a look at shooting through a door, which was a fan favorite thing to do in CSGO. Also, they were able to see some long stretches of areas for snipers and snipers were featured heavily in the trailer, something that fans will likely be very happy about. Lastly, there was a look at A Bombsite which should definitely lead to plenty of great fights.

Overall Breeze looks like it could be a very fun map for VALORANT fans. Keep it here at The Game Haus to see more about this map, including when it might come to the live servers.

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