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A Look at the new VALORANT Infantry Skin Bundle

A complete 180 from the previous sleek and modern Prime 2.0 bundle, the new VALORANT Infantry skin bundle takes firearm cosmetics back in time with a nod to World War II’s firearm design. Here is a closer look at the new VALORANT Infantry skin bundle.


The Infantry skin bundle sports the Infantry Ares, Infantry Ghost, Infantry Guardian, Infantry Operator, and Infantry Spectre. All of the gun skins are designed with sleek, dark metal and wood paneling. The Operator skin is a little different than the rest of the skins because it is wrapped with a bandage. The bandage adds an extra rugged feel to the weapon.

Unlike the Prime 2.0 pack, the Infantry bundle does not provide players with the ability to modify their skins. There are no extra color packs that can be bought. There are also no extra animations that can be bought either, making this skin bundle not as customizable as some of the other VALORANT skin bundles.

Despite the lack of customization, these skins offer a cool new look. Especially for players who are fans of weapon design history, skins that are designed to appear like firearms from years ago are sure to be popular.


This bundle is on the relatively cheaper side than most bundles that VALORANT releases. By buying the complete bundle, players can have the Infantry Ares, Infantry Ghost, Infantry Guardian, Infantry Operator and Infantry Spectre for only 2,930 VALORANT Points. If players buy the whole bundle, there is a discount of  1,445 VALORANT Points. Otherwise, each gun skin individually costs 875 VALORANT Points. If these skins catch your eye, buy them before they’re gone. They will be in the store for thirteen more days as of March 18. 


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