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A Look at Killjoy’s Abilities

Killjoy's Abilities

VALORANT fans get excited, as the latest agent Killjoy makes her first appearance thanks to various leaks and articles. Her abilities focus on holding and area down, with the power to solo-hold a point. Described as a genius in the VALORANT world, Killjoy’s abilities showcase he engineering prowess. Three of the four abilities can be destroyed, but left alone, they can deal some serious damage to opponents.

Alarm Bot

Killjoy’s Alarm Bot is extremely similar to that of Raze’s Boom Bot. She simply drops the small robot at a location, and the robot takes care of the rest. While the Boom Bot goes forward in a straight direction, the Alarm Bot lies in wait, acting more like a trap. The Alarm Bot will speed towards the first enemy it sees and scan them, revealing their location. If the robot isn’t shot down by the opponent, it jumps up and explodes, dealing damage.

Sentry Turret

The most hotly contested ability is Killjoy’s Sentry Turret. Killjoy deploys a automated turret at a location, and after a few seconds of booting up, it readies itself for hostile targets. The turret will automatically attack any enemy in line of sight. While annoying, the turret can be destroyed. Once the turret is up, Killjoy is free to run around the site to set up a cross-fire.


Nanoswarm is a remote grenade that Killjoy can activate at any time. The grenade creates an area-of-effect that slows opponents, and after a short duration deals damage. Much like Cypher’s Cyber Cage, Killjoy needs to look at the grenade to activate it.

Ultimate: Lockdown

Killjoy’s ultimate ability is Lockdown. The ultimate is a large beacon that encompasses a large area in light. The ultimate will begin to spin, and after 13 seconds, it will detonate. On detonation, enemies caught inside the blast are slowed, and cannot use abilities. The ultimate can be destroyed, and looks to be about the size of an agent.

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