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Top 50 NBA players of the 2017-18 season: No. 30 Kyle Lowry

Ok! We are at the top 30 Players. The Game Haus staff couldn’t believe my crazy, chaotic list. It’s a crazy list and yes, it’s only going to get better. Just sit back and watch this list unfold.

The league had some great moments this year. It was a great season with some of the best players in the world playing every night at a high level. It exceeded every expectation of this season.

Now that it is over, let’s take a look and recognize some of the season’s top performers. Specifically, the top 50 players of this past season. Let’s continue to No. 30: Kyle Lowry

No. 30: Kyle Lowry

Yes, he’s the perfect player to start in this top 30. Raptors had the best record in the east, number one seed in the Playoffs, then, got swept in the second round by the Cavs. That’s pretty pathetic for a team who was playing great. There is a big difference between regular season and playoffs and they have to know that in order to get past LeBron, plain and simple. Right after those shenanigans in the second round, “The Coach of the Year” Dwane Casey, got fired a couple of days later. It’s not his fault at all, the guy can flat out coach.


He had another magnificent year this season, averaging 16.2 points and 6.9 assists per game. He did take a lot of shots this season. He and DeRozan were one of the best duos in the league and nobody really could touch them. In the playoffs, he had 17.4 points and 8.5 assists per game. He also shot 44.4% in three-point percentage. People were so surprised that a number one seed was swept.

Photo from USA TODAY Sports


There wasn’t a lot of defense to see in the second round, just felt like he was playing timid the whole series. As a player, he’s gotta feel like he let down the fans for his performance. In the regular season, he had 0.2 blocks, 1.1 steals and 5.6 rebounds per game. That’s not bad for somebody that is 6-foot-1. In the playoffs, he had 0 blocks, 1.5 in steals and 4.3 in rebounds. Lowry played great during the regular season and when the playoffs came, he was a totally different player. This is the stage where legends are made and he didn’t perform to his potential like he should.

Photo from Vavel.com


The Raptors have to make roster changes, as there is no way this team should have gotten swept. When the second round came against the Cavs, they were a different team with a different mindset. Where was the team that dominated during the regular season and had one of the best records this season in their franchise history?


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