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Top 50 NBA players of the 2017-18 season: No 19 Lou Williams

The league had some great moments this year. It was a great season with some of the best players in the world playing every night at a high level. It exceeded every expectation of this season.

Now that it is over, let’s take a look and recognize some of the season’s top performers. Specifically, the top 50 players of this past season. Let’s continue with the Sixth Man of the Year with No. 19: Lou Williams

No. 19: Lou Williams

Williams was the biggest difference maker with the Clippers this season, putting up huge numbers for them and clearly, he is the best sixth man of the league. Williams puts up numbers each and every game just to try to win and teams need players like that coming off the bench who can contribute any time on the floor. Since the departure of DeAndre Jordan, no one really knows what the next move is for Lou Williams. He might be the starter for the upcoming season but if he isn’t, he might have to do more since one of their best players is now gone. There is one good side to all of this, he still has Tobias Harris play with. Jordan may be gone and with the Mavericks but the Clippers are still a decent team and with him gone, The Clippers are going to try to figure out how to get back into the playoffs and will have the Sixth Man of the Year on their team, but now he has more responsibility on his hands.


He put up 22.6 points and 5.3 assists per game on 43.5% field goal percentage. The way that the season ended for the Clippers was not very good, they didn’t even make the playoffs. The Clippers have to make immediate changes. After DeAndre Jordan left in free agency, the organization can rebuild around Lou Williams. Before the trade deadline, Williams was offered a four-year extension and took it.

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He’s not known for his defense, averaging 0.2 blocks, 1.1 steals and 2.5 total rebounds per game. He is much more known for being an offensive player, but he will try to help you on defense. That is just the type of player he is. Unfortunately, Blake Griffin got traded to the Pistons and ever since that trade, things haven’t really been the same for the Los Angeles Clippers. They traded their franchise player because the organization felt like he’s not doing enough. The NBA is a ruthless business and they don’t care who a player is, if they are not doing their part  in trying to help the team win, they will be traded. There is no love lost in the NBA when it comes to business.

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First and foremost; The Clippers did a great job re-signing Williams because he is an efficient scorer.  For Lou Williams, this is his second time winning the Sixth man of the year award. He is only 31 years old and Los Angeles will be his home for the next four years, let’s see if they can try to make things work for the Clippers.

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