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Which Champs Could Creep Into the Next TFT Meta?

TFT Best Champs

With all of the new changes coming to TFT in both the current 9.15 updates and the coming 9.16 additions, the meta is bound to make some large shifts in the near future. With some champs getting nerfed, others getting buffed and several classes seeing updates, here are the champs to keep an eye out for in the coming weeks in TFT.


While Assassins were nerfed in 9.14b and slightly updated in 9.15, Rengar is one of the few champs in that class that still received buffs in nearly every category of his kit. His attack damage, speed and ability attack speed all move up in the latest patch. Additionally, pairing him with a Wild champ like Nidalee or Gnar could give him an even better ability to carry a team. While there is potential for more single class compositions in the coming meta, Rengar looks like a champ that could thrive in just about any setting with carry potential given certain items.

TFT Best Champs
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Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate is already on his way up from this buffs in patch 9.15 which increases his ability damage and improves his casting speed. In addition, there is a strong possibility that he will receive additional buffs in patch 9.15b according to this tweet from Riot Mort.

With Kassadin being a solid early-game option due to the void changes coming through, there is a lot of potential for TF to find multiple synergies through the early and mid-game. Overall, he is definitely a champ that looks to creep his way up into the higher tiers.

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Sejuani is already a champ with a lot of potential as soon as she is available. Now, she is getting individually buffed and Knight’s are looking to be much stronger overall. 9.15 makes Knights block damage but also allow the rest of a players army block damage as well. With just about every Knight getting buffed (outside of Kayle) the class and its Glacial leader should continue to climb up the ranks in usage. Keep an eye on some very scary Glacial/Knight builds with Sejuani as the centerpiece.

Lots of Changes Across the Board

Overall, these are just a sampling of the champs that are likely to be featured more in the meta. Long gone are the days of strictly Draven, Assassin, Pyke, or Volibear builds. Now, it feels much more like the wild west where just about any champ can be used, at least slightly. This puts the game in a great spot moving forward and should allow for some exciting gameplay.



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