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Which Champions from Set 1 Could Come Back in Set 2?

Kennen, Strongest Top-Laners for Worlds

With Lucian coming back and Leona on her way, it seems that some champions that were in Set 1 could potentially work in Set 2. Whether it is their skill that was used in Set 1 like Brands or something completely new like with Lucian there are plenty of champions that could fit in well. With that, here are the champions that could see their time in Set 2.


Cost: 4
Elemental: Electric
Class: Mystic
Ability: Slicing Maelstrom

For reasons unknown, Kennen was not brought into the current set. Either loved or hated, it felt like Kennen was used very often, even in comps that did not require him for a synergy. He had a lot of utility and his ability “Slicing Maelstrom” could affect the outcome of many games.

Bringing him back would give Electric another mid to late game unit while also allowing for completely new comps due to his new Mystic class as well. Imagine a comp that featured Kennen with Blademaster and Mystics or a Janna going into an Electric and Warden comp due to his Mystic class? There are so many possibilities as well as bein a damage dealer for Electric. The only issue would be that he would have to basically be a frontline type of unit to get the Electric procs off. Luckily most people ran him in the front anyways to get the maximum use of his ability so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.


Cost: 3
Elemental: Glacial
Class: Mage
Ability: Frostbite/Ice Shard

TFT Pantheon
Image Courtesy of League of Legends

It was also a pretty big surprise that neither of these champions were added when elementals were introduced to the game. They obviously can’t bring back every champion but, it was a little surprising to see both of them left out of Set 2. Because they are so similar though, it is likely that only one of them could be introduced this time.

Frostbite and Ice Shard have similar characteristics in the sense that they are a piece of ice thrown as a projectile at a unit. The one this about Ice Shard specifically is that it breaks into pieces and hits anything behind the initial target. For this reason, Lissandra might be the better option. For either champion though, it would allow for Glacial and Mage to be a brand new comp. Seeing two icicles thrown at an enemy for a double cast would allow for some quick single target damage. Plus, this would allow for Berserkers to get in on the mage comps as well due to Olaf and Volibear. The potential options would definitely shake up the meta.


Cost: 2
Elemental: Mountain
Class: Berserker
Ability: Boulder Toss

Gnar, Strongest Top-Lane Picks for Worlds
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Gnar is a beloved champion for a multitude of reasons. He is strong, mobile and most importantly, adorable. This alone would be a reason to add him but for the purposes of Set 2. Like in the previous set he could start in his normal form and then transform once he filled his mana bar. This would cause him to send out his Boulder Toss but instead of it being his only time using his ability, he could stay in Mega form and just use his ability as his mana filled.

What would also be most important with his addition, would be that he is another low-cost Mountain. While this would likely mean that the mountain buff is nerfed a bit, it would make it so that the synergy would have some more wiggle-room. Also, it would add so many new options for comps. Mountain and Berseker comps would be fantastic and even more potential, like the previous suggestion, for Berserker and Mage comps. Overall he would be a fun addition and a much-needed one for Mountain specifically.


Cost: 4
Elemental: Steel, Electric
Class: Robot
Ability: Rocket Grab and Static Field

blitzcrank tft
Image Courtesy of League of Legends

Bringing back Blitzcrank could definitely split the player base in two. Either they would love him or hate him, there would likely be no in between. This version of him would be extremely strong, thus why his cost would go up. His use would be as a late-game unit that can help takeout a carry early on in the round, as he was before. Not only would he have his Rocket Grab to yank an enemy but then he would silence and damage them with his Static Field like in the League of Legends.

Bringing back his Robot class would be imperative to his use as he would need to start each round with his ability. The only difference would be that instead of a unit getting knocked up, an entire area could be silenced. This would make him not only the perfect counter for backline carries but also Assassins or Berserkers. His Electric Elemental would add a very new dynamic for the synergy. Also being Steel he would allow for Steel and Electric comps which could be pretty interesting to watch. No matter how he was used, this version of Blitzcrank would be very strong and would absolutely help to change any stagnant meta.

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